The Canadian Mineral Industry Education Foundation has been offering scholarships since 1964 to undergraduate students with a strong interest in a career in the mining industry.  The scholarships are available to students attending any university in Canada and following a program in geology, mining or metallurgy, or any other discipline related to the mining industry.

The scholarships are normally awarded to those entering the second year of a university program but first-year students have also been selected for the awards.  Once selected the successful recipients receive $1000 per academic term until the degree program is completed, provided that satisfactory academic performance is maintained and that work experience in the mining industry is obtained between academic terms with reports to be submitted following each work term.

Mining is truly a global industry and challenges in Canada and elsewhere await those with an interest in participating in meeting the requirements for metals and minerals in a world where continually advancing standards of living mean increasing demand for most mineral commodities.

The Canadian Mineral Industry Education Foundation is usually supporting at any one time 120 to 140 students at universities across Canada.  Financial support for the Foundation comes from those Canadian mining companies who want to ensure that university students are aware of and will be attracted to the possibilities for interesting and rewarding careers in the mining industry.

Scholarship application forms and annual reports of the Canadian Mineral Industry Education Foundation should be available at your university or can be obtained by contacting:

Jacqueline Blair
Canadian Mineral Industry Education Foundation
P.O. Box 459
31 Adelaide Street East
Toronto, ON M5C 2J5

Tel: (416) 869-0772   Fax: (416) 367-3638  


Properly completed application forms must be received by March 3l for academic programs commencing the following September.